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Kimberly L. Blount

Kimberly is a native of Los Angeles, California. Kim accepted the Lord at the age of four

at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Riverside, CA under the leadership of Pastor

J.H. Montgomery. Kim started singing at the age of six and has been writing since the

age of eleven. She was called into the ministry in 1998 as a liturgical dancer. Her gifts

begin to develop and as time prevailed, Kim was introduced to another found love. God

shifted Kim from liturgical dancing to mime ministry, but the work was far from done.

God was calling her higher. In 2009, Kim received her Associates degree in 

Computer Draft and Design from ITT Technical Institute in San Bernardino, CA. 

In 2012, she was licensed as Minister of Music at New Heights Ministry in Rialto, CA 

under the leadership of Apostle Anthony and Lady Athena Hodges. 

She knew that ministry was who she is and was willing to take the necessary

steps to develop her gifts and step into who and what God was calling her to be. Kim is

not only a dancer but by God’s grace she has been gifted to do various of other things

such as singing, writing, dancer/choreographer, and now the author of “What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger; Don’t Die in the Process”, “Declarations of Loving Yourself”, Volume 1 “In Search”, and Declarations of Loving Yourself”, Volume 2 “The Healing Process”. Kim is an

aspiring actress with a triple threat and beyond. Kim has been apart of various

performing arts productions at Mead Valley Elementary School in Perris, CA.

Kim has helped co-write local stage plays, assisted in coordinating community events, as

well as choreograph for different dance teams. For the past eighteen years, Kim has

been performing throughout Southern California and has worked with EOGM

Productions, Pid Production, GNA Universal Media and much more. She has also worked with

location production companies such as, Breaking Loose Productions, New Heights

Ministries, and opening for the Hyphy 4 Christ, Inc. God blessed Kim with three amazing

children that are also anointed. 

 She is the visionary of Anointed One Ministries, Bloom Ministries (Being Lifted

Out of Mess), Bloom Kidz, and Bloom Studios. Anointed One Ministries is based on Joel 2:28. 

And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, 

your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream

dreams, your young men shall see visions; and also, on my menservants and on my

maidservants, I will pour out my Spirit in those days. The vision and mission of Bloom Ministries

 is to help up lift one another through whatever we may be facing and to lift people out of 

the mess they are in they to bloom into who they are to be. Bloom Kidz is to focus on 

 bringing young people to know who the Lord is, to show them how to use the gift's God has 

placed in them and to get a better understanding on why and how praise and worship 

is important for your everyday life. To show how to love, have faith and be obedient.

 Kimberly L. Blount remember the name!