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Poem by, Lady K



I am beautiful in my own right

I am unique and awesome inside and out

I am free from all the things that had me bound

No longer will I allow my past to haunt me

No longer will I allow what was or is said to dictate who I am to be

I have purpose and it lives right inside of me

I speak life over me and my family

We will make it

I will endure to the end

I will win

Today is a new day

I will live again

I am free from the hand of the enemy

Satan you can not have me

I am loved and my mind is at peace

My heart is healed because Jesus You died for me

So no matter what yesterday tried to give me

I will accept who I am today 

You see this is me and I love me

Today I let go of everything that hurt me

Being lifted out of mess so I can bloom into who God wants me to be.

Exclusive Vision & Mission

Bloom Ministries is an outreach ministry to help others 

get through whatever they may be facing,

 to lift whosoever out of the mess they are 

in and to bloom into who they are to be! Bloom is here to help with pushing upcoming entrepreneurs to start their business.

Palm Springs, California, USA